You drip with sensations from so many men
You come to my bed with charm and grace
You tell me that I'm the now and they the then
Yet you spite me to my face
Promising pleasure beyond doubt
I keep coming again and again
but these empty cascades
Leave me bound and broken
Your kiss is gluttonious
leaves my body full of gout
your taste bitter sweet
your body makes me cry out
Trapped in your web of deceite
I'm crawling on my feet
Attempting to slake my thirst
until I burst
but the cascades are just empty promises
drowning in your waterfalls curse

Nothing Says Pain Quite Like A Smile And A Hug

i woke up again today ...
it's a habit i'm trying to break
my world view falls quite short of blessed
it's not best to be awake
i can't remember my dreams anymore
maybe i just block them out of me...
maybe they're of you ... ...
maybe that's why i talk in my sleep

and when the day grows long
if you ever want to see ...
i'll be there at the end ...
(i'll be there but they won't see)
and promise me, if i could give you my heart
i'll give you everything inside of me that hurts
cut out all the bad parts, like a bruise on a peach
cut them all out ...................
you can make-believe i'm your dream

i'll hide them away ...
so when you're done ...
i can put them back ... ... ...
(put them back where they belong)
and all the beauty in all the pain
and all the lies in all the world
cover it all up ......................
go on, cover up the hurt ... ...
before beauty in the scars is why they invented sweatshirts

and i don't believe in heaven pain is shed
nothing is simple ... not when everyone's dead
crawl into me, bleed all the things you have bled
i'll take you away on the wings we have shed
and if you throw me away ...
throw me away up sooo high
(for the farther i fall ... the longer i have to feel alive)
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To the Stars Matey


Poison charm meant to disarm

Allure and tease

Bringing men to there knees

Breaking them down

Magnifying your ego

With a lens crafted from pain

Distilled from tears

Polished with hot breath

To distract you from

Insecurity running deep

Your violence makes you feel pretty

And tricking the heart

To feel smart

Deceiver of the worst kind

A fool playing with fire

Sparked from the hearts of men

You should rightly burn in it

But a succubus you dampen it

Leaving a husk

And shame

Temptress whore

You are the one to blame

Shallow soul and trite of mind

Vanities slave

You play your game

Nourished by pain

I wish that you would starve


Harliquin Grin

(no subject)


Priceless precision turned to mandate,
Before the science of sin incarnate.
Begin the system, upload the guns,
Mankind defeated by programs they run.
Disabling the circumstance eternal,
Forget the consumption, act cannibal.
Digging for the gold of truths bygone,
Reconstruct the downside all that is done.
Falling masses sutured with tangled cable,
Lonesome regrets targeting the fable.
Tell the story of the stories once told,
Recite the words, reimburse the old.
Tears cords from the wall, turn to savage songs,
Let the fear shelter with the hate from the wrongs.
And all at once will you hear the silence
Of dust filtered down from the loss of the fence.
Now remove yourself from wanton destruction,
And listen to the cries of our once dying sun.

imprimatur in articulo mortis