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16 May 2009 @ 01:45 am
Black Song  

Slim and Sly story teller from the sky

beautiful singer from up high

Tell me of your life

So that I wont die


Epic verse of the silver tounge

Tell me of when the world was young

Guidance to me

Blessings you've sung


I am the Storm

I am the wonder

Change will come

Blow you asunder

Draw on this magic

I am the wonder

Lightning is thrown

And my wind will scatter

All that will perish

Gives birth the future

I am the Storm

Juggernaut that renews

Ancient breath of the primal

The same is in you

Notice that roots running deep

Hold fast all those

Virtues you keep

Changing eternal

Look to the core of what you seek

The transitory is yours

to shape as you will

Adapt and survive

I am the storm

I am the wonder



I look on

at the mercy of your hand

You spare what is strong

with unknown plan

Glory give meaning to madness and craft

Why are we the afflicted

Victims of your path?


Standing in two places

The radar is sprung

Echoes of the soul

Leading to the one

They will come

Demons Grasp mankind's love of murder

Malice beget like a gentle art

Strife eats without hunger

insidious nature ripping you apart

Ego mirrored and crowned in light

You are the very nature you fight

Martyrs refection in the blinking of an eternal eye

Ideas of good battle with a fiend

Made of your desire to live on

Humanities withdraw - preemptive suicide

Make peace with your devil

Subjugate your pride

you are the evil

you dread inside

An my beauty too

I am the storm

I am the wonder

Born in my wraith

Created with thunder

You are the same

but much younger

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The short-n-curly on the bar soap of your life.childeofloki on May 17th, 2009 04:19 pm (UTC)
No problem. I was concerned that maybe part of the poem had been chewed off by the ether.